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Invisible Braces

Teeth Straightening and Beyond 

As a preferred Fishers Invisalign Dentist, the benefits for using this clear aligner (tray) system goes above and beyond straightening teeth.  And with that, the thought of straightening teeth is no longer only for the younger population.   Invisalign technology has paved the way for people of all ages to gain not only a cosmetically appealing smile but correction of teeth alignment to allow for easy flossing and cleaning.   This is a big plus for patients whose teeth crowding and misalignment has caused periodontal concerns not easily deterred by floss and toothbrush.  Invisalign gives an answer to a problem that without active and persistent home care could lead to “periodontal disease”, “gum recession” and potential premature loss of teeth.

Recently, more and more of my older population patients have taken the step to Invisalign.   It’s a system that uses clear "invisible" aligners that are easy to maintain and with follow up appointments to deliver new aligners and check on progression of movement, patients are able to ask questions and see the improvement quite easily.  As an added bonus, we provide teeth whitening gel that patients can use in their Invisalign aligners to brighten their smile.

Invisalign, yet another aspect of dentistry that has improved and grown over time.  Who knew that Invisalign would not only be seen as an “invisible” way for adults to straighten their teeth but a simple and advantageous way to keep gums healthy, protect patient’s teeth and provide a brighter smile!

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