CEREC One Day Crowns

At Today’s Dentistry we have been providing our patients the opportunity of choosing to have their crowns done in one visit versus the traditional lab made crown that entails two separate visits, two weeks apart. Not all crowns can be done using CEREC technology, but those that can allows for our patients to have a choice that can save them time, and in this busy world, time is a very valuable commodity. CEREC one day crowns give our patients the ability to have a crown prepped and delivered in one visit. This eliminates the second appointment where the lab crown is delivered. No temporary crown and no second visit.

Dr. Michael O’Neil has been doing CEREC crowns for over 14 years and has found them to be a great benefit to his patients. The technology allows for more tooth structure to remain and the crown itself is a very durable porcelain material that bonds easily to the remaining tooth structure leaving an esthetically pleasing, functional and durable tooth. His years of experience with the CEREC software has enhanced his ability to design your crown in a timely fashion with precision placement.

Please contact our office at 317-849-2933 and one of our team members will help you with any questions you may have regarding CEREC crowns.

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