Sedation Dentistry – Oral Conscious Sedation

Relax, you’re in great hands!!

Nearly 50% of the population feels anxious or fearful about going to the dentist or having routine dental procedures done.

Dr. Mike O’Neil is committed to helping patients feel relaxed and comfortable during all dental procedures. If you feel that sedation dentistry may be needed in order to keep you comfortable while receiving your dental care, please call our office in Fishers to learn more about our philosophy and protocol of sedation dentistry.

Today’s Dentistry offers Oral Conscious Sedation. Sedation Dentistry involves taking medication the night before your appointment and some more medication one hour before arriving to our Today’s Dentistry office. These pills allow you to be completely relaxed during your dental visit! That’s right! You can actually be completely relaxed at your dental visits. For many this is a first!

How You May Feel

Most patients can recall very few details about their treatment while using our sedation approach. A few individuals will be able to recall the end of the appointment when our skilled team at Today’s Dentistry is getting the patient ready to go home. The patient will require a driver to and from our office the day of the appointment. The patient IS NOT ALLOWED TO DRIVE the day of the procedure.

Safety of Sedation

The reason Dr. Mike O’Neil uses oral sedation dentistry is due to its safety and low risk of complications. Today’s Dentistry uses advanced monitoring equipment to monitor you at all times while using oral conscious sedation. When you awake after the procedure is complete, you will be blissfully unaware that you were just at the dentist!